Scientists Grow Plants in Soil from the Moon. Lunar Farming Could Be Next.

The Apollo astronauts faced a lot of challenges in their time on the moon, but having enough to eat was not among them. The longest any of the crews spent on the surface was the three days logged by Apollo 17 in 1972, and even in the astronauts’ tiny lunar module, there was enough room for the shrink-wrapped, pre-packaged provisions they’d need for such a brief camping trip. The nex…

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Whale Experts are Caught in a Wind Power Culture War

In mid-January, threatening social media messages started showing up on the accounts of a small New Jersey organization devoted to rescuing ocean mammals that wash up on the beach. Some said “we’re watching you.” Others accused staff of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) being “whale murderers.” Some people wrote that they were going to show up at the group&…

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Unilever to invest €1 billion in climate change fund over 10 years

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer products company whose brands include Dove soap and Knorr soup, said it was responding to the “scale and urgency” of the climate change crisis.The fund will invest in projects including reforestation, water preservation and carbon sequestration over the next ten years, it said.คำพูดจาก Read more