How Tech-Boosted Astrology Apps Are Filling a Void

On a Tuesday in July, my phone began buzzing at 9:10 a.m. with a notification from The Pattern. “While it’s OK to embrace your competitive, independent spirit and fierceness, you don’t need to be stubborn about it,” the astrology app tells me. At 10:55 a.m., Sanctuary chimes in: “Let yourself get carried away! Passion will push you to authentic success.” At 1…

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Evergrande Halts Trading in Hong Kong

Trading of China Evergrande Group shares was suspended in Hong Kong along with those of its property management unit, as the property giant contends with a deepening cash crisis.

No reason was given for the halts, which also affect all structured products relating to the company, a stock exchange filing showed on Monday morning. Hopson Development Holdings Ltd. plans to acquire a 51% stak…

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A Year Ago, Facebook Pivoted to the Metaverse. Was It Worth It-

The internet was not happy about the legs.

Earlier this month, the company formerly known as Facebook unveiled its new virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest Pro. The $1,500 headset offered many new features, including crisper graphics, new mixed reality capabilities, more emotive facial expressions—and the addition of avatar legs. Previously, Meta’s virtual humans existed a…

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Inside the War on Fake Consumer Reviews

When Kay Dean turned her keen detective’s eye on the reviews for a Toronto dental clinic, she quickly discovered something alarming. The reviewers behind the clinic’s glowing testimonials had also reviewed an array of obscure small businesses across North America and Europe. A dry cleaner in Florida, a locksmith in Texas, an electrician in the UK, and more: a handful of reviewers re…

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What 3,000 Financial Documents Say About Climate Change

Over the past decade, the way that publicly traded companies have spoken publicly about climate change has unmistakably changed. Now, it’s become standard for many companies to, at the very least, pay lip service to the problem—though of course what a business says in press releases and what executives say behind closed doors, let alone what a company actually does, can differ drama…

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Report Warns of Meta’s Role in Brazil Election

Meta is failing to stop a Jan. 6-style movement gaining traction on Facebook and WhatsApp in Brazil, a rights group has warned in a new report.

Campaigning for Brazil’s next presidential election is currently underway, with the first round of voting scheduled for October 2. Jair Bolsonaro, the country’s rightwing populist president, has embraced comparisons to Donald Trump thr…

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Why the Fed Wants to Make It Harder to Get a Job

By law, the U.S. Federal Reserve is supposed to be a champion of working families, instructed by Congress to aim for maximum employment and low inflation. But make no mistake, the central bank is not your friend—and a growing number of economists are questioning whether its age-old approach to combating high inflation makes sense.

The Fed’s method of raising interest rates to …

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How TikTok’s Tinned Fish Craze Is Driving Shortages

Next time you go to the grocery store you may have a hard time finding tinned fish like tuna, anchovies, or sardines in the aisle. That’s thanks to the viral “tinned fish” niche on TikTok and the growing group of online creators making video content on “conservas”—tasty and sometimes elaborate dishes made from canned fish and seafood.

One such creator, …

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Nvidia CEO Says AI Has Hit a ‘Tipping Point’

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Nvidia Corp., which has seen its value skyrocket over the past year thanks to soaring demand for its graphics chips used for artificial intelligence, posted stronger-than-expected results Wednesday for its latest quarter, with its revenue more than tripling from a year earlier.

Nvidia reported revenue for its fiscal fourth quarter that ended Jan. 28 of $22.1 billio…

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